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Our team of bioinformaticians can help you integrate and extract meaningful information from large, complex datasets. We provide functional analysis and high quality visuals to communicate new insights.

We have full access to high computing infrastructure (multicore blades, virtual machines and storage) as well as dedicated sequencing and functional analysis software.

Analytic services range from basic (data wrangling, basic data QC, testing for differentially expressed genes and pathways) to advanced (regression analysis, omics data integration, network analysis, biologically specific filtering)

Listed below are some of the analyses we routinely perform:

  • NGS data processing and quality assessment (alignment rates, average number of genes, and transcripts)

    • RNA-seq, single cell RNA-seq

  • visualization using t-SNE plots

  • regression analysis

  • phenotypic modeling

  • cell differentiation/development trajectories

Please contact us to discuss the types of analysis and bioinformatic support we can provide. 

Trajectory analyses reveal distinct cell fates

Li et al, JEM, 2021

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