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10X Genomics Single Cell
  • 3'/5' single cell RNA-seq

  • Single cell fixed RNA-seq

  • Single cell ATAC-seq + RNA-seq

    • transcriptome + epigenome

  • Single cell RNA-seq + surface protein

Illumina RNA-seq
  • 3'/5' mRNA-seq

  • Total RNA-seq

  • Low-input RNA-seq

Single Cell Gene Expression

We offer single cell library preparation using 10X Genomics technology targeting up to 10,000 cells or nuclei per sample. The Chromium Single Cell platform offers incredible flexibility with the ability to profile fixed tissue, cells, and nuclei. 

Use single cell resolution to capture the full heterogeneity of your sample

  • Characterize diverse cell populations

  • Identify unique cell states and gene expression signatures

  • Integrate data to uncover complex disease or developmental processes

Multiomic Readout

Gene expression analysis can be coupled with additional modalities to generate multi-omics datasets at single cell resolution​

Use the multiomic readout capability of the 10X planform to simultaneously capture gene expression and chromatin state from the same cell to profile both the transcriptome and epigenome.

  • Investigate epigenetic remodeling and gene regulatory networks.

  • Increase your power to characterize cell types and state

Feature barcoding can be used to generate single cell transcriptome data coupled with surface protein expression (CITE-seq) or cell multiplexing.

Bulk RNA-seq

We offer RNA-Sequencing related services, including library preparation for low-input (<100,000 cells) and ultra-low input (<10,000 cells) samples, as well as difficult clinical samples (biopsies, FFPE, swabs, fluids).

Consultation with our core staff is required before projects are accepted and is provided free-of-charge. The following services are included in the price of an NGS library prep.


  • sample QC using a Nexcellom automated fluorescent cell counter

  • labor and reagent costs

  • library preparation

  • library QC using an Agilent Fragment Analyzer, Qubit 3 fluorometer and/or qPCR.

We have a close partnership with the CWRU Genomics Core which operates a high-throughput sequencing facility.

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