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For researchers who are interested in obtaining services related to and including RNA-Sequencing: RNA isolation, library generation, including low-input (<100,000 cells), ultra-low input (<10,000 cells), and difficult clinical samples (biopsies, FFPE, swabs, fluids).  Full QC included.


Sample Prep
Quality Control

  • Nexcellom Cellometer - dual-fluorescent, accurate cell counting and viability. Ideal for complex samples such as whole blood and tissue dissociations with high levels of debris.

  • Qubit 3 fluorometer - for accurate quantitation of DNA and RNA

  • Agilent Fragment Analyzer - for high resolution sizing and quantification of RNA/DNA samples

  • QuantStudio 7 Flex qPCR - for high sensitivity and accuracy. Interchangeable block can accomodate 96-well, 384-well, and TaqMan array cards.

QC during library preparation workflow and prior to sequencing is included in the price of the library

  • Sample Clean Up - DNase Digestion

  • RNA Isolation

  • Low-input RNA Isolation

  • PAX gene RNA isolation

  • Nuclei Isolation

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