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Feel free to contact us with additional questions

1 / How do I get started?

Because of the variety and complexity of the services we offer, most projects begin with a consultation. Please Contact Us to let us know more about your needs and research goals. 

2 / What are your prices?

Please review our Pricing Sheet or Contact Us for current prices. Prices reflect the cost of reagents, labor, and the cost of maintaining the equipment.

3 / How should I prepare and transport my samples for submission?

Sample quality is of critical importance and profoundly impacts the success of the library preparation and data analysis. Sample input recommendations will vary depending on the assay so please refer to our guidelines for preparation, storage and transport to the core. 

4 / How should I acknowledge the AFGC in publications?

Please name the Applied Functional Genomics Core and clearly state how the core contributed to your research. Please mention if a department or grant supported access to core services.

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